Sunday, December 4, 2011

Swap Shop 'Helpful Hint of the Day': Posting Photos

Do you get tired of scrolling through tons of pictures? Do you have a lot of items you would like to sell, but don't want to post each picture one at a time? Welcome to the Swap Shop 'Helpful Hint of the Day': Posting Photos

Here is a helpful hint if you have a LOT of items to post: instead of posting individual photos, create an album and then invite folks to view ALL your items. Not only is this a better way to organize all the stuff you want to sell or give away, it also helps to reduce the 'clutter' on the swap shop. When readers look at the swap shop, they won't have to scroll through a bunch of individual posts, but can look at ALL your pictures with ONE link. Once you have an album, it is easy to share it on OTHER swap shops as well. Cool, huh?

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Thanks for using your local swap shop!!

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