Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Swap Shop Tip of the Day: Don't Abuse the BUMP!

It's great to be able to post your items on the swap shop, right?  It's amazing how this little tool works so effectively for so many people!

However, sometimes folks post items, such as antique lawn mowers, ceramic elephants, and clothes hanger sculptures, and then proceed to "bump" these items every single day.

What is a "bump"?  A bump happens when an item is posted, and then is 'bumped' to the top of the swap shop wall by adding a comment.  A lot of times this is posted with a single word...BUMP.

There is nothing wrong with an occasional bump, but keep in mind that in many swap shops, especially larger ones, there are many people posting.  When a bump happens, it hurts the chances for first time posters to get exposure for their item.

If you have an album of items, and bump each and every one, instead of the album itself, it can cause problems as well.

Admins are watching out for folks that abuse the power of the BUMP...so please, be kind, and DON'T ABUSE THE BUMP!

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