Monday, December 16, 2013

How To Negotiate the Price of an Item on the Swap Shop

No matter what the price of an item, don't rule out discounting it if a prospective buyer wants to negotiate. It's better to sell the item for 20-50% less than its original price than not to sell the item at all. Be open to negotiating, especially if you are trying to move the item quickly. Experienced swap shop buyers want to make a deal!

As the old saying goes, “you catch more flies with honey,” which really means that the nicer you are to people, the more inclined they are to help you out. Every time I ask for a reduction on a price, I just ask kindly, “Would you please consider $X for your item?” Sometimes, if they are motivated sellers, they will say yes so long as it’s a reasonable offer. However, if it’s too low of an offer, they might wait for another buyer.

Pricing your items well is important, but also expect to have some wiggle room in there. Customers are the happiest when the feel like they've gotten a good deal, or talked you down a little in your price. Play the game a bit! But don't do this too soon---save the bargaining for a little later in the sale.

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