Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Swap Shop is about Friends Connecting with Friends!

We gets TONS of requests to join the various swap shops in our network.  Unfortunately, there are some less than honest people out there who have no intention of connecting locally with friends and neighbors.  That is why we review each member request we receive.  We follow a very simple principle: NO SWAP SHOP FRIENDS?  NO APPROVAL!

Occasionally, a person is new to their particular area and has not had the chance to make friends.  In those cases, we encourage those potential members to contact the admins through a private message. We will review your request, and if it is legit, you're in!

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Who Is Doc Burkhart? He is the chief administrator of the Missouri Swap Shop Network. He is also a full-time missionary, working primarily in the Asia/Pacific Region. Read his blog or visit his missions page on Facebook at