Monday, October 22, 2012

How To Edit Items and Delete Pictures When An Item Is Sold on the Swap Shop

After a picture is posted, you can still edit the information on the image. You can also delete your picture by doing the same from this location.

*Go to your album or picture and click on the photo.
*At the bottom of the picture there is a disappearing menu. Hover at the bottom and the menu shows up with several links - 1) a link to the album, 2) Tag Photo, 3) Options and 4) Like
*Go to Options, another menu will come up where you have a choice of seven items.
*The first allows you to change the location.
*The second and third option is to rotate your picture in case it's upside down or side ways.
*The fourth and fifth option really doesn't apply to groups, unless you want to download the pictures or make it your profile photo.
*The sixth is where you choose to "REMOVE THIS PHOTO".
*The last is for you to Enter Full Screen, if you wish to see the image bigger.
To EDIT information, such as size, price, etc. this is not in the drop down menu. Go to the picture and above where comments are there is a blue EDIT link, click on that and put in the information that pertains to the picture posted.

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