Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Missouri Swap Shop Rules - Updated October 15, 2012

1. Bump only entire albums! Bump no more than five albums or five individual posts not made in an album once every 24 hours. This DOES NOT mean bump individual pictures out of an album, only the entire album may be bumped and no more than five.
  • For those of you who don’t know what “bump” means, that’s when someone posts the word bump to move their post to the top of the page. Also, no different than posting an asterisk or a character or a comment saying it’s still available. They are all bumps.
2.  Please refrain from purposely placing a bump on others posts and bump only your own.
3.  Please refrain from making frivolous comments/conversations on posts, as this bumps the item to the top for unpractical reasons.
4. Make an album only if you have three or more pictures. Do not place only one picture in an album. If you have less than three pics, combine your albums, upload and add to an already existing album or post as an individual post.
5. Post limit is five (5) in a 24 hour period if you are not using an album and the edit box in an album and no more than five albums per day. If you use the comment box, rather than the edit box in an album, five posts applies to you as well. Use an album and the edit box and you are allowed to post as many as you want. This will be strictly enforced, meaning posts over five will be deleted.
6. Do not repost the same item unless it has been at least seven days since prior posting.
7.  If you have multiple views of the same item, they are required to be in an album because the posts will get separated.
8. It is considered rude to hijack another person’s post, either looking for goods or posting one of your own within their post unless it’s something they are looking to buy. Play nice and make a post of your own. The same Same hijack rule for posting other groups. We don’t care if you advertise your group, but please refrain from doing it within someone else’s post, unless it’s linked specifically to an item the person is looking to purchase.
9. Put pertinent information in your posts, price, location and description. Do not post "Make Offer" or "OBO = or best offer" alone, a price is required or post will be deleted. This is a Swap Shop, not an auction group, if you wish to auction your items there are other sites and groups for that.
10. No posting of inappropriate content including adult toys, videos, creams, etc. Please keep used or unused liquor off the group as well. Keep it legal - No selling of illegal items, drop-side cribs included - It is your responsibility as the user to check the Federal, State and Local laws for resale.
11.  If your item has sold or you are no longer looking for a particular item, remove your post. If you cannot remove your post for some reason, state on the post that the item is sold or send a message to the admin and the post will be removed.
12.  Posts older than 21 days that haven't been bumped is removed from the group regularly during site cleaning. This keeps the group content current and more user friendly. All bumps of any kind are also removed after 24 hours, which doesn't affect your place in line, you are still in the same position as when it was bumped. It just looks cleaner and doesn't look like it's been bumped five times and not worth selling.
13.  And as always, be kind and no arguments on the group. Rude comments, arguments and those who ignore the rules might just find posts removed or yourself banned and we don’t want to have to do that.
14. No business opportunity sites or links, and no direct, online or catalog sales. The same Local business may advertise once a week with appropriate contact information.
15. Blocking admins for any reason is considered sufficient reason to be banned from the group.

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