Wednesday, October 17, 2012

How To Post Multiple Pictures To An Album

If you have multiple pictures that you want to post to the swap shop, it is a good idea to create an album for your pictures. This is a courtesy to other members in that you are not posting multiple times. So, what are the steps? It's actually pretty easy.

1) When you are at the top where it says "Write Post" or "Add Photo/Video" - Click on the "Add Photo/Video"
2) Then, there are three options - "Upload Photo/Video" on the right or on the left is "Create Photo Album". Please do not use the middle one for swap shops. Go to the right to "Create Photo Album".
3) That will open up a box to choose pictures from your source. Choose all your photos by highlighting them and click "Open". They will then start loading.
4) Under each picture it will have "say something about this photo". That's where you put the information about the item - description, price, location.
5) When you are done with each photo, click the "Post Photos" blue box and your album is created.
6) You can always go back and add photos at a later time as well to the same album, by going to the album and at the top right it will have "add photos".
7) If you are posting from a phone, you will either need to get to a computer, find a way to post an album from your phone (which might depend on the phone you have) or you will be limited to the five posts in a 24 hour period.

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